Mother criticised for breastfeeding baby on Santa's lap 7 years ago

Mother criticised for breastfeeding baby on Santa's lap

A woman from Ontario has reportedly been criticised for breastfeeding her baby on Santa’s lap.

Rebecca Dunbar shared a picture of her nursing her child whilst sitting on Santa’s lap on her Facebook page.

However she didn’t exactly get the reaction she was hoping for.

According to Global News, the majority of the comments she received were negative with some calling it “trashy.”


The mother-of-three told the publication: “Honestly, we were just in line and my little guy, who has the patience of nothing, decided he was hungry in about two seconds.

“He would have just screamed the entire time so I started nursing him. And we were next in line.”

She apparently made a joke about posing for a snap whilst breastfeeding but then that became a reality when the photographer, who is a father with two young children, agreed.

Dunbar explained about the reaction: “With my friends it’s been very positive. But I’ve seen a lot of negative comments on social media which is disappointing for (me) to see.”

She added: “I think breastfeeding should be made more acceptable in all ways. It shouldn’t deserve a comment one way or another because it shouldn’t be seen as abnormal.”