Mother tries to organise "anti-vaccination catch-up" at Melbourne Zoo 4 years ago

Mother tries to organise "anti-vaccination catch-up" at Melbourne Zoo

A mother is trying to organise an anti-vaccination catch-up at a zoo in Australia.

She shared a post on Facebook, inviting other "anti-vaccine" parents to a get-together at Melbourne Zoo.

Her post reportedly read: “Out of bad things great things happen. I thought we could make some friends both Mums and bubs. Lets meet up Melbourne Zoo on Wednesday next week around 9.30am at the café near the door.

“If you mainly work during the week we could change it to Saturday at 9.30am, I so want to put this on council websites as an event anti-vaccine Moms and bubs catchup. I might [sic].”

According to the Herald Sun, the potential gathering has sparked concerns among other parents and health authorities who have called it “irresponsible.”

The director of Melbourne Zoo said in a statement: “The zoo is a public facility and open to everyone wishing to come to enjoy our wonderful wildlife.”

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