Mother's heartbreaking post about car safety goes viral 7 years ago

Mother's heartbreaking post about car safety goes viral

A mother has urged parents to make sure their children are secure and seated correctly in cars after her son was involved in a devastating road crash.

Meghan Felker shared a photograph of her 23-month-old son in hospital on Facebook and wrote: “Our sweet boy isn't going to make it with the fracture to his brain (he basically had a stroke) & his spinal cord injury.

“If there is one thing I want parents to take from this is PLEASE PLEASE make sure those buckles are tight and your sweet little one is rearfacing as long as possible. We may of still had our boy if this way done [sic].”

She added: “When I say something to parents about car seat safety I'm not trying to be mean or hateful, i just know what can happen. And this is what can happen, PLEASE make sure your little one is seated correctly [sic].”

****Trigger******We have had a horrible night tonight and our heart is torn into a million pieces. Our sweet boy isn't...

Posted by Meghan Felker on Thursday, 26 November 2015


The post has gone viral and brings attention to an issue which is continually debated.

In the US, advice surrounding car seats and their positioning is based on age limits however it is recommended that they should be rear-facing until the child reaches the height or weight limit of the seat.

In Ireland, the Road Safety Authority says: “Although many people speak about safety restraints in terms of age, the most important factor in determining the correct restraint is weight.”

It continues: “Rearward-facing baby seats are best placed in the back seat of your vehicle and should never be used in a front passenger seat that has an airbag.”

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Via RSA website.