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03rd Dec 2018

Mrs Hinch has revealed her amazing hack for getting the perfect Christmas tree

She’s an icon, tbh.

If you haven’t heard of Mrs Hinch by now, honestly what have you been at?

This Essex-based glam queen has built a monster following on Instagram, thanks to her amazing cleaning hacks.

Yes, she’s literally a cleaning influencer, and we are HERE for it.

Anyway, Mrs Hinch has been giving her followers some seriously handy tips about how to get ready for Christmas.

Most recently, Mrs Hinch has shared some brilliant information on how to achieve the perfect Christmas tree.

mrs hinch

Speaking to her “Hinchers” (her nickname for all of her loyal followers), she said:

“These little parts where you can see where the baubles are attached, I just put a bit of snow over it.”

Basically, a cute way to cover up all those unsightly strings on your baubles.

She wrote: “Hello my Hinchers. Our Hinchmas Tree is up a little earlier than normal for us however we are off on our honeymoon this week so I wanted to make sure it was up before we go!”

Thoughtful of her, if you ask us!

mrs hinch

“I really hope you like it! Feel free to watch my story to see how it was done!” she said.

“Putting your tree up should be nothing but smiles, so make it as simple and easy as you can!”

“Remember everyone’s tree is to their own taste therefore to me every Xmas tree is special!”

“What may suit one person may not suit the next, but that’s what makes Christmas so fun!”

Ho, ho, ho lads!