Mum uses Apple Airtag to track her kids, but parents are divided about it 1 year ago

Mum uses Apple Airtag to track her kids, but parents are divided about it

Is this a good move or a step too far?

One mum has divided parents after revealing she uses Apple Airtag to track her kids.

She explained in a TikTok video that she wants to make sure her children are safe.

She wrote, "When your littles start school and you wanna be able to make sure they're safe."

The mum explained that she ordered two Apple Airtags and two purple pop-it bracelets.

She inserts the tracker into the bracelets, but the kids will barely notice them as they'll be too focused on playing with the popular toy.

It may seem like a clever hack, but her decision has certainly caused quite the heated debate.

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One mum praised the idea and revealed she did something similar for her daughter.

"We sewed one into the liner of our daughter's backpack. Also, one into the tongue of her shoe too."

However, another warned her that these devices are not recommended for tracking children.

"It's highly recommended to not use them to track children. It's Bluetooth-dependent. Go with the Gizmo watch," they suggested.

Another warned: "If your child was near my iPhone my phone would alert me that an air tag was near and I could see their exact location. Not very smart!"

"Mine would trade it to a friend at lunch for a padding cup or packet of fruit snacks" another laughed.

Another called for schools to do more to keep children safe. They stressed that it is a big part of their responsibility, especially when it comes to younger children.

"Being a mum doesn't come with a manual so stop judging. We all have our ways of protecting our kids," another user said.

They're too right. At the end of the day, every parent is just trying their best to look after their children and make sure they're as safe as possible.