Mum told to kick "entitled" 25-year-old out of their family home- do you agree? 1 year ago

Mum told to kick "entitled" 25-year-old out of their family home- do you agree?

Would you let her stay at home?

So many adult children moved back in with their parents during the lockdown.

Many of us returned home to save rent money and others because they wanted to be closer to home during such tough times.

As the world continues to open up, many people are fleeing the nest once again.

However, others are pretty comfortable where they are.

One mum has opened up about living with her "entitled" 25-year-old daughter and how difficult it has been.

She confessed that part of her wants to kick her daughter out, but is she wrong?

The mum explained that her daughter moved home during the Covid lockdown. She was in university and wanted to complete her degree remotely. The mum said moving home helped her daughter get back on her feet and gave her more time to get a decent job.

"Two years on and she has completed course, has minimum wage job and does not save a penny (does pay £100 rent per month, that I save)" she revealed.


Her daughter has blamed her mum for her own unhappiness and has even gone as far as accusing her of interfering with her life.

The mum said she has to "put up with a lot".

living at home

Her daughter has even accused her of being a toxic mother.

She feels like her daughter has taken control of their home and is ruling her.

She doesn't believe she's a toxic mum but she said she can't help but feel this way when her daughter is around.

Many parents said it is time for her to show her daughter some tough love and ask her to move out.

Others weren't so patient and said she should kick the 25-year-old out of the house.

"As much as you love your daughter she’s rude and disrespectful. This is primarily your home so either she accepts your rules or moves out if it’s so bad as she claims it to be. Some tough love is required here."

"From what you've written, it sounds like you continually bend over backward to help your daughter, for nothing in return. Time to kick her out I'd think?" another said.

What do you think? Should the mum kick her out or should she give her daughter another chance?