Mum desperate to find engagement ring lost at Crumlin Children's Hospital 8 months ago

Mum desperate to find engagement ring lost at Crumlin Children's Hospital

Can you help?

Yesterday a heartbroken mum put out an appeal on social media in the hope that someone could help her locate her lost engagement ring.

Maria Dunne said that she had left her ring in her hospital room but when she went back for it the ring was no longer there.

Ms Dunne posted to Facebook last night hoping that someone might know some way to help.

The devastated mum shared a photograph of the missing engagement ring along with this post;

 "I was discharged from Our Lady's Children's Hospital yesterday with my son, before I knew I was being discharged I took my engagement ring off and left up on one of the shelves in the room and went to have a shower when I came back to the room I was told we were allowed home. I was so excited to be getting home after 5 horrible days I just packed all of my bags it was only until I got home I realized I left my ring in the hospital but by that stage the room had already been cleaned by contract cleaners ? they said they didn't see a ring but I know it was taken from the room
I don't know if this status will even help find it or the cleaner that took it to just hand it back in I'm absolutely devastated."

Since sharing the post last night it has been re-shared hundreds of times but as of this morning there has been no news on the missing ring with Ms Dunne writing;

"Thank you everyone for sharing, still no update on the ring."

There is no mention of who to contact or where to leave the ring if someone may have mistakenly taken it but Crumlin Garda station is the nearest station if anyone would like to return it anonymously.