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22nd Dec 2017

Mum furious after teacher pierces daughter’s ears

The girl is seven years old.

A woman has shared her anger online after her daughter came home from school with pierced ears.

Amanda Jones, a mother from York City in Pennsylvania in the states, claims that seven-year-old Karli had her ears pierced at school by her teacher.

“Seriously f*cking p*ssed right now,” Amanda wrote on Facebook.

“My daughter went to school without pierced ears and came home with them pierced.”

Karli told her mum that one of the teachers had done it. She had previously had her ears pierced but let them close up.

“A teacher pushed earrings through my daughter’s ears causing her pain and bruising,” Amanda continued.

“My daughter said ouch. My daughter does not know how to communicate the best but I do.

“She had dents where her ears were pierced but the holes have long since been closed.”

Amanda confronted a teacher at the school, who admitted to re-piercing Karli’s ears, reports CafeMom.

The teacher didn’t see re-piercing the girl’s ears as a big deal, Amanda said.

“Stop making an excuse! Trying to make me look like a stupid overreacting mother.

“I tried putting earrings in her ears and the holes were closed (before).”

Amanda got in touch with the local police about the issue but was told they had no power in the school.

She said that she’s now pursuing it with the school police and might even take legal action.

“I am getting her tested at her doctors tomorrow and getting the report copied and will be giving it to the school police. And the attorney.”