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07th Aug 2017

This mum was not pleased with where she found her teen’s sex toy

She'll never un-see it.

It’s not easy being a mum, least of all when you find your daughters dildo in the dishwasher.

Yes, we only wish we were there to see that mums face as she witnessed the absolute horror before her eyes.

Of all the places you could give it a rinse, surely the dishwasher would be the last place on someone’s mind. Evidently, mum doesn’t put these kinds of shenanigans past her daughter.

Reddit user FictionalBastard (that’s who we’re assuming is the daughter) posted a photo of the ‘sex toy’ claiming that mum had continued talking about it and “how uncomfortable she felt all day.”

We do hope this daughter didn’t keep the joke going for too long on poor mum, as she points out it was merely a melted bottle of water!

In fairness, the resemblance is uncanny.

Well the picture had us fooled – momentarily. That reminds us, on a more cautious note… be careful where you leave the real thing ladies.