Mum expresses outrage after son was "kicked out" of nursery after child bit him 10 months ago

Mum expresses outrage after son was "kicked out" of nursery after child bit him

She said they should have protected her son.

A mum in England has revealed her son was kicked out of creche after another child repeatedly bit him.

She said she was stunned when her son came home with numerous injuries.

He was attending a creche in East Yorkshire.

She said this has been an ongoing problem since her son joined in January.

The boy in question was removed from his class, but he was placed back in the same class when a new term started in September.

The mum was not informed of this decision.

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She said she only realised what had happened when her son came home covered in bite marks.

When she complained to the staff they told her she had a day to remove her son from creche as her contract was terminated.

"My child has been bitten several times at nursery. He tells me this boy is not very nice to him and he upsets him."

"He got another bite this week and he told me who had done it, and thank goodness he can talk as otherwise, I would not have known he was in the same room as this child, as the nursery did not tell me," she explained.

"I emailed my concerns and I was very upset but I was not rude."

"I got a reply to say she was terminating our contract and I asked for a meeting and she repeated that she was terminating the contract."

"So, because they cannot keep my son safe, he is getting kicked out of nursery. It is disgusting."

The mum is now caring for her child at home.

She said they should have protected her son rather than kicking him out.

The nursery said they terminated the contract because the "parent carer relationship has irretrievably broken down".

It is believed the mum has filed a complaint with Ofsted.