Mum Of 12 Says She Is 'Addicted To Having Babies' 7 years ago

Mum Of 12 Says She Is 'Addicted To Having Babies'

If you watch Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby on the This Morning Show, you will know that they are generally an affable pair on our tv screens.

From time to time, however, their feathers can be a little bit ruffled and it makes for great morning telly.

They recently interviewed Cheryl Prudham who has been labelled 'Britain’s Most Shameless Mum' in the UK press.

Cheryl (33) is mother to twelve children and is currently looking for a sperm donor for baby number 13.


She explained to Holly and Phillip that she is really broody and completely addicted to having babies.


They all get into a bit of a heated debate about how much in benefits she receives from the UK government as she is currently in receipt of £40k per annum.

The mum of 12 makes no apologies for how she lives her life and seems relatively happy to court the media in the search for a sperm donor.

You can watch the full interview here:

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