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25th Jun 2021

Mum reveals what she wish she knew before house burned down

A freak accident

The thought of losing your home and all of your belongings is something we can’t even bear thinking about. However, one mum faced that nightmare when her home burned down in a freak accident.

The mum revealed that a fire started in the middle of the night and shared the things we wished she’d known before it had happened.

She explained that the most important thing any family can do is to have a clear and safe exit plan. Practicing fire drills is something every family needs to do. “Keep practicing until you’re sure everyone in the family is comfortable with the plan and okay to get out.”

She stressed that nothing is more important than all members getting out of the building immediately. Do not stop to grab any belongings, she urged.

“As a parent you need to realize that even if you practice this over and over and that everyone knows what to do, in the eventuality of an actual fire, things might just not go as planned.” She also reminded parents to go with your children and don’t rely on them to follow orders because they’re probably too scared without you by their side.


“I told my kids (8 and 9) to go downstairs and out the door once I was sure there was no fire there. They were waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs. They were scared. They didn’t want to go outside in the middle of the night without a parent.”

The mum said moving your children away from the scene is essential. “Don’t let your children watch the house burn down. Hell, if you can avoid it, don’t watch it yourself. It’s traumatic.”

She added that attending therapy after such a harrowing event is encouraged.

Luckily, none of the woman’s children were harmed in the fire, but the family tragically lost all of their pets. Their two cats and two parrots died in the fire. The mum said to constantly remind the firefighters about your pets.

“It was a big fire, so firefighters didn’t make it a priority to save the pets BUT they also kept telling us they didn’t know there were pets in the house.”

She encouraged people to accept the help you’re offered. “Don’t try and go back to normal as quickly as possible. Take the time to process what happened.”

Another thing she wish she knew about were fireproof safes. “Right now, I can’t even identify myself. All my cards, wallet, passport, certificates are burnt.”

Despite the mammoth loss, the mum said she is relieved her family is safe and alive.

“It took 10 minutes for the fire to reach the roof and the walls. By then, it was all collapsing. We also are very lucky to have gotten great support from family, friends and people we know. We’re so thankful and I honestly cannot wait for the day that I can give back and help others.

“Fires happen. Freak accidents happen. Prevent it BUT also prepare for the worst. Also, don’t sleep naked…. or keep a robe nearby,” she quipped.

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