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08th Nov 2019

Mum sprays breastmilk into a crowd of party goers and other mums aren’t happy

Melissa Carton

Not what you expect when you go to a rave.

Some party goers at a festival in California got more than they bargained for recently when one mum decided to take things up a notch.

Footage was taken of one mum spraying the crowd with breastmilk and other mum are not happy about it.

EDM Dirtybird Campout Festival in Southern California a dancing mum seemingly decided that things weren’t interesting enough and started to cover the nearby dancers in her breastmilk.

As well as causing quite a lot of stir online in general breastfeeding mothers in particular were appalled by her behavior with many feeling that only added to a negative image of breastfeeding.

One mum commenting on the video wrote;

“And yet another example of why our pleas of “normalize breastfeeding” or
“we don’t do it for attention” will be ignored.”

Others, to be honest, were just annoyed that she was wasting her milk though they did also say that she was probably getting rid of her milk that might contain alcohol.

In my opinion I don’t think it’s ok to spray anyone with your bodily fluids regardless of whether it’s breastmilk or not.

I know sometimes breasts become engorged as I’ve been there myself, but that’s nothing a little pumping can’t fixed.