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21st Sep 2017

Netflix forced to remove cartoon after mum spots very rude content

Would you have spotted this?

Laura Holland

Would you have spotted this?

A mum in America has complained about a graphic drawing she spotted in the background of her child’s Netflix cartoon series. The series in question is Maya The Bee, which follows a little bee called Maya and her bee friend Willy as they get up to various different types of adventures.

While watching the series one day, Chey Robinson spotted what she thinks looks like a penis drawn in the background of the 35th episode. She posted a video to Facebook and also a picture complaining about it.

She wrote:

“Please be mindful of what your kids are watching!!

I did NOT edit any images whatsoever, this is Maya & The Bee, Season 1, Episode 35.”

As a result, Netflix were forced to pull the entire episode from their streaming sites, according to The BBC. They have yet to confirm the exact reason they pulled it and the show is made externally and not by Netflix themselves.