New book reveals what Harry's friends all thought when they first met Meghan 1 year ago

New book reveals what Harry's friends all thought when they first met Meghan

Let's just say they weren't as smitten as Harry...

According to UK journalist Tom Bower's new book about the royal family, Prince Harry's Eton pals did not hold back after meeting his then-girlfriend Meghan Markle back in 2016, and called him 'f***ing nuts' for dating the actress in the first place.

In his book Revenge, Bower reveals that the Prince had invited Meghan to join him at Sandringham for a weekend shortly after the pair's relationship was publicly revealed.

As well as his new girlfriend, Harry has also allegedly invited 16 friends, mostly old school pals from Eton, who were employed by international banks and auction houses, to join him for dinner on Friday, shooting on Saturday and then lunch on Sunday after getting permission from his grandmother, the Queen, to do so.

However, things did not go as planned, Bower reveals, as Harry's friends did not take well to Meghan's sense of humour – or lack thereof.

The Duke of Sussex was looking forward to 'endless banter' with his friends' Bower writes.

But Meghan was less than impressed and 'challenged every guest' who 'contravened her woke values'.

'She lacked any sense of humour'

"Like other shooting weekends, Harry was looking forward to endless banter, jokes — and a lot of drinking," Bower writes.


"He had not anticipated Meghan's reaction. Their jokes ricocheted around the living rooms and dining rooms, but without hesitation, Meghan challenged every guest whose conversation contravened her values."

Departing Sandringham after the weekend, Harry's friends were all a little shocked at his choice of girlfriend, Bower reveals.

"She lacked any sense of humour," he writes.

"Driving home after Sunday lunch, the texts pinged between the cars: 'OMG, what about HER?' said one. 'Harry must be f***ing nuts'.

In fact, Bower claims Meghan 'reprimanded guests' if they made the 'slightest inappropriate comment' and 'nobody was exempt'.

And this was not the only occasion where Meghan clashed with Harry's friends, according to the Daily Mail.

During a trip to Jamaica to attend the wedding of Harry's close friend Tom 'Skippy' Inskip and the Hon Lara Hughes-Young in March 2017, the Prince and Meghan joined 40 guests for the three-day nuptial celebrations at the Round Hill Hotel in Montego Bay.

Bower said the couple arrived separately - with the Prince arriving via 'premium economy from London' while Meghan opted for a 'friend's private jet from Toronto'.

However, Bower reveals, it was widely reported that Meghan did once more get along with others in the group,  behaved 'princessy' and 'refused to engage with Harry's friends' - instead making 'remarks about the food'.