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18th Apr 2018

A new Irish ad strategy for Facebook is set to be rolled out very soon

Olivia Hayes

It will have a lot to do with the upcoming referendum.

A new scheme will see Irish Facebook users being able to find out when an organisation is running multiple ads on a site at the same time.

A pilot scheme is being carried out to try and stop advertising being targeted at groups of people during the referendum and future election campaigns.

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The feature will be available for a month before the Eighth Amendment referendum and it will apply to all ads, and not just political ones.

During the Oireachtas Committee meeting yesterday, where they spoke to Facebook about the various breaches over the past number of years.

According to Today FM, Facebook Ireland’s Niamh Sweeney said: “If you’re served an ad, or you go to a page, you’ll be able to click on it and see all of the ads that that particular advertiser is running at that moment, in your jurisdiction.

“What that is supposed to address is this issue of micro-targeting or so-called ‘dark ads’ – [where] I’m being targeted because I’m a woman in my 30s who’s from an urban earlier, somebody else is being targeted because they’re a male in their 60s and they’re from a rural area… and you’re trying to target them with different messaging.”