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20th Aug 2021

New mother throws another woman’s baby to his death from maternity ward window

Kat O'Connor

“We do not want anyone to be punished.”

A new mum threw another woman’s baby from a hospital window in Russia, reports reveal.

Viktoria Ivanova had just given birth to a baby boy when another mother walked over and grabbed her newborn son.

29-year-old Alina Araslanova threw baby Volodya out the window and he died instantly. The newborn wasn’t even a day old when he passed away.

It is understood that both mums were”lying on beds literally at arm’s length from each other”.

NTV reported: “The babies were brought in for feeding.

“When her roommate left, the woman [allegedly] grabbed her baby and threw it from the third floor.

“There are no bars on the windows. There was no one to prevent the tragedy.”

The parents of the late baby Volodya said they forgive Araslanova for what she did.

“It is our will with my wife that this woman is forgiven, we do not want to punish her. She should be allowed to live her life happily.”

“We have accepted everything, we do not want anyone to be punished,” they added.

Araslanova gave birth to her second daughter prior to the harrowing incident. The mum was previously treated for depression in a psychiatric hospital.

She was released from the hospital shortly before giving birth to her daughter but doctors believed she didn’t pose a threat to others.

The mum has received further psychiatric care, but her children have been taken into the care of the authorities.