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22nd Apr 2022

Dad brings niece on holiday instead of his daughter, but was he wrong?

Kat O'Connor

Was he doing the right thing?

A father has come under fire for choosing to bring his niece on holiday over his daughter.

But was he really doing the wrong thing?

He explained in a Reddit post that he is separated from his daughter’s mother. She lives with her mum, who has custody of their 14-year-old daughter Wendy.

He only sees his daughter once a month but has been raising his niece, 15-year-old Claire, since she was a little girl.

The dad explained that both of Claire’s parents died when she was very young.

“I have a closer relationship with Claire and we have a lot more in common, but I love them both equally.”

The dad was given a bonus at work recently and decided to take a trip.

However, there was a catch.

He only had enough money to bring one of the girls. He also revealed that the teenagers don’t get along too well.

“No one would have fun if I took them both so I had to pick one.”

The dad thought it was fairer to bring his niece Claire because Wendy’s mum can bring her on holiday.

However, Claire has no other guardian to treat her to things like this.

The dad and his niece Claire went on the trip together, but his daughter stopped talking to him because of it.

He explained, “She thinks its not fair that I never take her anywhere and choose my niece over her but I’ve raised Claire.”

He even considers Claire a daughter.

His ex is now calling him names and has accused him of favouring Claire over his own daughter.

Many people felt the dad was in the wrong and said he should treat both girls equally.

However, others said he was only looking out for Claire who doesn’t have anyone else to care for her.

What do you think?