Norma Foley says she's trying her best to fix school bus crisis 6 days ago

Norma Foley says she's trying her best to fix school bus crisis

Has your child been affected by the school bus crisis?

Minister for Education Norma Foley has vowed to amend the school bus crisis.

Many children have been left without a spot on their school buses due to a high demand for the service.

Parents have slated the Minister after their children were left without a way to get to school.

Speaking on Prime Time last night, Foley said she is now trying to secure extra funding. She is planning on meeting with the Department of Public Expenditure to try secure extra funding in the Budget.

124,000 students have availed of the free transport scheme this year.


However, many are experiencing delays due to a 21% increase in the number of pupils applying for the scheme.

There are up to 6,000 pupils waiting for their tickets to be processed.

Foley told Prime Time: “I am in discussions specifically for those who find themselves outside the loop who did not meet the criteria and who are concessionaries to see if there is scope from the Department of Public Expenditure if we can get additional funding perhaps to meet that particular cohort.”

Back in July, Foley confirmed school transport fees would be waived for another year.

The scheme is helping families save approximately €500 a year.