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02nd Sep 2017

Nurse ‘assaulted’ and arrested for NOT breaking the law

This is terrible

Olivia Hayes

We can’t believe what we’re seeing here.

A nurse was assaulted and arrested after not breaking the law.

Police officers brought a man into a Salt Lake City hospital in the US and demanded that the nurse, Christina Judd, take his blood to check his alcohol levels.

However, as the nurse explains in the video, the man was not under arrest, and he did not provide consent, therefore it was illegal for her to take blood from him.

She explained this to the police officer, named Jeff Payne, repeatedly, but he wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Christina then comes out with documentation stating the rules and hospital policy.

She also calls her manager on the phone to explain her reasoning.

Her manager sticks up for her, but when he says over loud speaker on the phone that he’s “making a mistake,” the policeman grabs the nurse and tries to push her out of the hospital door and to his police car.

As he grabs her, she screams out, “You’re hurting me. You’re assaulting me. I don’t understand why this is happening to me.”

According to The Guardian, the officer has apologised “for handcuffing” the nurse, and a police spokeswoman said that an investigation is currently underway.

Officer Payne still remains on duty.