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16th Jan 2023

Nurse suffers miscarriage after she was left to wait in A&E for five hours

Kat O'Connor

*Warning* This article mentions miscarriage and baby loss.

An NHS nurse suffered a miscarriage after she was left waiting in A&E for over five hours. The woman rushed to A&E after she experienced heavy bleeding, as well as severe pain one night.

She attended a hospital in the North East of England, where she also worked.

Her husband spoke out about the poor treatment she received in an interview with Sky News.

He told the publication that staff, including a gynecologist, refused to treat her.

He shared;

“I was told that the gynecologist had refused to see her and that she was hours away from being seen by the ED [emergency department] doctor.”

A nurse even suggested sending the woman home when she first arrived at the A&E. However, she begged for a doctor to see her after telling them she was also a nurse.

The woman knew something wasn’t right.

After waiting for hours, her husband decided to bring her home because she needed to rest.

At this stage, the woman was in extreme discomfort and her pain was severe.

Shortly after they arrived home, the nurse suffered a devastating miscarriage.

Her heartbroken husband, who has remained anonymous, is sharing their story to highlight the poor state of the UK’s healthcare service at the moment.

Like Ireland, the UK is also under immense pressure as flu, RSV and Covid cases take their toll on hospitals.

A stark rise in patients and staff shortages has resulted in extreme wait times and a lack of beds.

The nurse’s husband hopes their story will push the government to step up and do something about the current NHS crisis.

“My anger and grief is immense, that not just ourselves, but countless others, have been failed… I include NHS staff as being part of the group being failed,” he told Sky News.