My brother and sister-in-law sold my late son's nursery- how can I forgive them? 1 week ago

My brother and sister-in-law sold my late son's nursery- how can I forgive them?

Would you be able to forgive him for what he did?

A 36-year-old mum revealed her brother sold her late son's nursery after she lent it to him.

She explained that her 3-year-old son died from a chronic condition that he was born with.

"I struggled a lot with his illness and received a lot of support from my family when my ex-husband was too busy with work than care for his son."

She gave them a lend of the nursery when they announced their pregnancy.

The couple suffered multiple miscarriages and were struggling financially.

"I decided to lend them my son's nursery to use for their baby under the condition they give it back when they no longer need it. It's an expensive nursery and the process of shipping (I live in another country) took me time and money and of course not to mention its sentimental value."

Unfortunately, her sister-in-law lost her baby at 5 months.


She said she waited a few months to ask for the nursery back.

"I called and asked my brother to send it back despite how cruel I sounded but I was shocked after my brother said they sold it, all of it, every single piece."

He said he wanted to use the money to take his wife on holiday as she was depressed.

"He apologized and asked me to be understanding of his wife's position as a grieving mother myself."

Despite their apologies, the mum felt like selling her son's nursery was unforgivable. They didn't consider how it would affect her as a grieving mother.

The mum told her brother she would sue them both for what they did.

Her family has called her "callous" and "unhinged" for threatening her brother and his wife.

Her ex-husband believes she is right to sue, especially because the nursery costs over $4,000.

Is the woman being unreasonable or do you agree?