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22nd Mar 2015

Oh colander, we never knew you! Eclipse-watching and 3 other uses for the humble utensil

The most exciting thing about this year's eclipse? It gave this oft-overlooked piece of kitchen kit a new lease of life

Sophie White

Many people took to twitter, this week, to chronicle their rekindled love affair with the colander.

  Though not everyone got it right.

This hitherto unknown colander-use made us wonder what other uses this unassuming gadget could be hiding:

1 Lights, colander…action

Colourful old colanders provide awesome DIY lighting solutions.


Via Eric Herot Flickr

2 Colanders Retirement Centre

Where all good colanders retire. These strainers make cute hanging baskets.



3 Sweet Solution

This kitchen conundrum has plagued us forever. The question of how to set a chocolate coating on homemade truffles is at last settled.



Via Claire Sutton Flickr