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03rd May 2019

Study finds that cleaning can lead to great sex with your partner

Olivia Hayes

OK, we’re liking the sound of this.

Most of us hate cleaning up. We hate getting home from work and having the do laundry. We hate cooking a big dinner and then having to do the washing up. We hate giving the kids any sort of food and then having to wipe the mushy mess up five minutes later.

It takes minutes and hours out of our precious days where we really would rather be sitting on the couch or out with friends…. or just relaxing.

But we’re not animals, and so, we have to clean.

However, a new study has found that if you and your partner share housework, you’re a lot more randier in the bedroom.

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Yep, the research from the Council of Contemporary Families studied hetrosexual couples. They quizzed them on what type of (cleaning) work each person in the relationship does, and if it is split evenly.

The study found that those who equally share the housework have a waaay better sex life than those who don’t.

Lead author of the study Daniel Carlson said: “Although less than one-third of the couples we studied shared housework equally, these were the couples who, in contrast to couples in earlier decades, reported the highest marital and sexual satisfaction.”

And it turns out that different types of housework turn men and women on.

“For contemporary men, sharing shopping with their partner seems to be a turn on,” while women are more turned out by doing the dishes.


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“Sharing responsibility for dishwashing was the single biggest source of satisfaction for women among all the household tasks, and lack of sharing of this task the single biggest source of discontent.”

We think you should show this to your partner when you get home… you never know what kind of work could get done tonight.