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07th Jun 2015

One in five Irish children get lost on holiday (and boys are more likely to wander)

Katie Mythen-Lynch

One in five parents admits their child has gone missing at least once on holiday.

An ISPCC Childline study of 656 parents revealed that 10 per cent have experienced a moment of dread when they couldn’t locate their child in a foreign country.

Children between the ages of four and six-years-old are the most likely to roam, with boys a startling five times more likely to wander off than girls.

The shocking findings were released in conjunction with Irish identity wristband makers KoolioBandz. The €9.95 bracelet is designed to be worn by the child at all times. If a child wearing one is found, using their smartphone or PC, the finder can visit the website, choose their native language and enter the code on the child’s band.

The company’s website explains: ‘They then type a message letting you know where you can collect your child and sends the message – our system then sends a text message (SMS) to you in your chosen language. (The sender never sees your mobile number).’

Sales of Kooliobandz will help support Childline.