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06th Oct 2018

Penneys have released a new Harry Potter homeware range and it is magical

Keeley Ryan

BRB, going to buy all of these.

We were absolutely spellbound last year when we heard that Penneys and Warner Bros were teaming up for a Harry Potter range.

In honour of the book series’ 20th anniversary, they released a series of items that includes pillows, tracksuits and just about everything in between.

But, thankfully, they haven’t stopped adding to the collection.

The retailer have been adding everything from Hogwarts handbags to pyjamas to show your house allegiance. And those Hedwig-shaped pillows were just adorable.

They have now added even more magical items to the collection – and we’re totally in love.

Here are some of our favourites.

The Marauder’s Map Heat Changing Mug (€6)

Hogwarts-inspired glow in the dark cushion (€9)

Hogwarts wall hanging (€2)

Marauder’s Map Candle (€9)

Bertie Botts’ Ever Flavour Beans Money Bank (€9)

Flying Ford Anglia Money Bank (€9)

The Night Bus Money Box (€9)

Hogwarts Candle Gift Set (€7)




And they’re even getting onto the holiday spirit this year.

Harry Potter Christmas Cards (€2)

Hedwig Christmas stocking (€7)

Looking for more Harry Potter bits to pick up from Penneys?

Then check out the Christmas tree baubles that have already landed in stores – we particularly love the silver one featuring the Hogwarts crest.

You better move quickly if you want to grab one, though, as we reckon these will be gone faster than you can say acacio Christmas!