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28th Nov 2018

Postman grants young boy’s wish to deliver a letter to his dad in heaven

Melissa Carton

A postman in the UK went above and beyond the call of duty when he helped make one little boy’s wish come true.

Mum Teri Copland posted to Facebook earlier today to thank the postal staff after this letter was sent to her son.

Warning this is a tear jerking.

The grateful mum posted photos of the letter her son, Jase, had written to his late dad alongside the letter sent to her seven year old by the postal service;

“A few weeks ago my 7 year old son posted this card to his dad in heaven and today he got a lovely reply from the postman ? I actually cannot state how emotional he is knowing his dad got his card… you didn’t have to make the effort to do this you could have just ignored it but the fact that yous have made the effort for a little boy you’ve never met is such a lovely thing to do Royal Mail you’ve just restored my faith in humanity and thank you it honestly means the world to him please share this so all the staff at Royal Mail know just how greatful we are ? thanks and merry Christmas x”

Delivery manager Sean Milligan wrote that they had had some trouble avoiding stars but they successfully got his letter to his dad in heaven.

Losing a parent is an extremely difficult and emotional thing for any child to go through but thanks to the wonderfully kind staff looking after this boy’s mail his Christmas will be that little bit happier.