Kate made Prince George wear suit to Wimbledon to 'prepare him for future as king' 10 months ago

Kate made Prince George wear suit to Wimbledon to 'prepare him for future as king'

Kate and William are "gently explaining" what his future will be like.

The Duchess of Cambridge reportedly made Prince George wear a suit to Wimbledon because it would help prepare him for his future.

The royals came under fire for making their son dress in such formal wear when it was 28 degrees, but sources claim Kate made her son wear the suit because it is part of his duty.

Royal sources claim Kate believes her children should dress appropriately when conducting royal duties.

Kate Nicholl told OK! that the Duchess of Cambridge is preparing her son for his future.

"She and William are slowly and gently explaining to Prince George what his royal future holds."

The author explained, "They are making sure that he is fully prepared for his destiny as King is always at the forefront of Kate’s mind."

The Cambridge children must wear formal clothing during royal engagements. There are strict rules they must follow, even when they're children. 


This isn't the first time the parents have come under fire over the way George dresses.

The 8-year-old also wore a full suit to the Euro Finals.

Prince William wanted his son to wear a jersey, but Kate didn't think it was right.

Duncan Larcombe said,  "William was apparently keen on the idea, but it was Kate, the former commoner, who said no. She was showing George that being ’on duty’ requires a different approach… he has to learn to don the royal armour," Larcombe said.

“George is only just beginning to understand his destiny, but Kate has got the journey planned," he added.