EXCLUSIVE: Rachel Weisz talks career and motherhood 4 years ago

EXCLUSIVE: Rachel Weisz talks career and motherhood

Rachel Weisz is currently promoting her latest movie, My Cousin Rachel, which opens in cinemas today.

We got to sit down with Rachel to chat about the movie and why she chose this particular project. Rachel also spoke about balancing life as a mother and as a highly successful actress.

It can sometimes be frustrating for women with high-profile careers, such as being in the world of acting, to get asked about balancing home life and a career, when male actors in the same position don't get asked about it. Rachel has a positive spin on this situation saying:

"I could see it as a frustrating thing, or I don't know. I think mums are pretty special to their kids, right? Kids need their mums around, not that they don't need their dads.

In that line of questioning, I think it would make you feel quite special as well as a mum that it's quite a unique thing. It's been going on since the beginning of time, babies have been born every second but it's still rather special".

My Cousin Rachel is an adaption of the book by British author Daphne du Maurier under the same name. Rachel stars alongside Sam Claflin in this period drama which will have you doubting every character and their motives.

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