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01st Oct 2018

Readers confused by ‘strange’ headline reporting Harry and Meghan’s visit to Sussex

Jade Hayden


Since becoming the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have yet to actually attend Sussex.

They’ve been to Dublin, they’ve been to Cardiff, and they’ve even planned a visit to Australia all without the making the long and arduous trip to the county they whipped their title from.

They’ll be going soon though – this Wednesday to be exact – and to mark their upcoming visit, a local newspaper has decided to go with a rather descriptive and even graphic headline.

“They’re coming.”

Followed by the strapline: “Look at the smiles on their faces.”

Yeah, really.

Broadcaster Simon Read shared a photo of the Broughton Argus to his Twitter account over the weekend, saying that the editor of the newspaper “clearly has a cheeky sense of humour.”

Or they’re just not all that mad on reporting on the royals and this is their foolproof way to take the absolute piss?

Either or.

The photo was also shared online by Ian Carter who said that there was sure to be “a few raised eyebrows” at the front page, as somebody else responded to him saying that the choice of headline was “strange.”

That’s one word to describe it, yeah.

Meghan and Harry will be visiting Sussex this week for their first official royal engagement.

While they’re there they’ll be visiting a lot of landmarks and meeting some important people, probably.