Resource Centre put out message after food expired by 11 years donated to food bank 1 week ago

Resource Centre put out message after food expired by 11 years donated to food bank

Absolutely shocking.

With many families falling on hard time since the start of the pandemic, resource centres throughout the country have been asking for donations for food banks.

Only recently, more than €20,000 was raised for the UCC Food Bank after they posted on social media to say that they had run out of food.

While food banks are always happy to take donations, one resource centre in Roscommon has put out a message after receiving several jars of food that expired over 10 years ago.

Boyle Family Resource Centre in Roscommon posted photos this week of several items they received as donations that expired in 2010 and 2011.


The centre wrote that while they appreciate donations that they will now actually be out money as they will have to pay to dispose of the out of date products;

"Over the weekend, there were some items left at the Centre including out of date jars of food, out of date by 11 years. ( See attached photos)

These were not donations that we could use and instead will cost us to dispose of.

If you wish to assist with our food bank, we accept unopened, in date food items during our opening hours only.

If you wish to support our clothing bank, the bank is available 24/7 for your clothing donations or they can be left in to the Centre during our opening hours.

We are not accepting any other donations unless requested at this time. We appreciate your cooperation and support.

In future we will report any illegal dumping to Garda/Litter Warden and we have CCTV in place."

The resource centre also out a helpful guide on what is acceptable to donate to them and other foodbanks.

Acceptable items include in date and unopened food as well as clean clothing in good condition in resource centres that accept clothing.