Rosanna Davison suffered a miscarriage before becoming pregnant with twins 7 months ago

Rosanna Davison suffered a miscarriage before becoming pregnant with twins

"Rosie is in a lot of pain. There's blood everywhere."

Rosanna Davison has opened up about the miscarriage she suffered before welcoming her twins.

The mum explained that she wasn't even aware that she was pregnant at the time.

Her daughter Sophia had just been born and she had missed two periods, but she thought it was just from being a new parent.

However, Rosanna was actually pregnant and in her first trimester.

She reached the 11th week of her pregnancy but started to experience extreme bleeding.

The mum presumed it was just a heavy period, but her husband Wes and her mum took her to the hospital after growing concerned.

Speaking about the harrowing moment on the A Little Birdie Told Me Podcast, Rosanna said her mum knew something was wrong.

She shared, "A couple of large clots came out, kind of the size of my fist."


"Wes rings my mum and says, 'Look Rosie is in a lot of pain, there's blood everywhere."

Rosanna's mum took her straight to Holles Street where they confirmed she was suffering a miscarriage.


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The model said she was shocked but nurses confirmed she was nearly 11 weeks.

"I was about ten and half weeks, going on 11 weeks. I was like, 'No I've never got this far. How could this be?'"

Despite the heartache of the miscarriage, Rosanna said it gave her some hope.

She explained that she was never able to carry for that long.

Rosanna said she had a big smile on her face because she felt hopeful about getting pregnant again.

"Something had changed in my body but I didn't know what it was."

Rosanna announced she was pregnant with twin boys in 2020.

Her identical sons Hugo and Oscar were born in November 2020.

Her daughter Sophia was born in November 2019.

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