Samantha Womack admits she wants more children following cancer battle 4 months ago

Samantha Womack admits she wants more children following cancer battle

She revealed she had cancer last year.

Eastenders star, Samantha Womack, has opened up on her desire to have for more children following her "brutal" battle with cancer.

Samantha underwent a lumpectomy and chemotherapy after being diagnosed with cancer and has now been given the all-clear.

With a new view of the world after going through something so traumatic, the actress revealed that she wouldn't pass up the opportunity to have more kids.

Speaking to The Mirror, the 50-year-old said that she has a new appreciation for her children and hopes to become a mum once again.

She said: "Obviously throughout treatment, your ovaries are challenged because chemo can change your hormonal status, so I don’t even know if it would be possible now, post-treatment. And it sounds incredibly greedy because I've done it.

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"Lili's 18. But I just suddenly had this real yearning. It was like another little switch. Ollie and I talked about it and said, well, never say never. If it’s not possible naturally, there are other ways. I just want to celebrate life."


The soap star shares two children, 18 year old Lili and 22 year old Ben, with Mark Womack, who she separated from in 2020.

Samantha revealed she was fighting cancer last year when paying tribute to Olivia Newton-John after her passing. She shared a picture from the time she met her "childhood hero".

She wrote at the time: "I now start my own battle with this disease and am left feeling deeply moved."


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