School called out over shocking and outdated uniform rules 4 months ago

School called out over shocking and outdated uniform rules

This is a little extreme.

A mum has slated her daughter's school over their "outdated" uniform policy.

Many schools have extremely strict school uniform policies, but this mum has publicly called out the school for focusing more on what pupils wear rather than their education.

She said her daughter has to wear her skirt/pinafore at least to the knee. The school stressed that pupils should never roll them up.

They also have to wear plain, grey, knee-length socks. If they wear tights then they have to be at least 40 deniers.

Pupils who fail to follow the rules will be "identified". The mum told the Liverpool Echo that her daughter was put on a list after her uniform didn't meet the guidelines.

Pupils who are on this list will not be allowed to attend class. They have until October 3rd to amend the issues with their uniform, parents were told in a letter from the school.

They will also have to eat in a separate location from other pupils.


"My daughter is always good in class, never gets told off, and is always in," she shared.

"But now her name is jotted down because of her uniform."

The school even threatened to suspend pupils if they don't adhere to the uniform policy.

The mum said teenagers should be allowed to feel comfortable and confident in what they wear. She believes the school is putting far too much focus on how they look.

The mum told the Liverpool Echo: "I fully understand having an appropriate uniform and focusing on health and safety.

"But in today's culture, it's absolutely ridiculous to focus on girls rolling their skirts down and having knee-high socks and 40 denier tights."

Do you agree with her?