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29th Apr 2015

Scientists may FINALLY have found a way to ‘switch off hunger’

Dieting, without the hunger pangs, could be on the way

Katie Mythen-Lynch

Ever wished you could simply switch off your appetite whenever you need to lose a few pounds? 

Well scientists are a little closer to being able to do just that after finding out exactly which brain cells are responsible for those annoying post-lunch, pre-dinner hunger pangs.

Researchers from Harvard Medical School and Edinburgh University have identified the area of the brain that controls appetite and hunger as the melanoncortin 4 receptor-regulated (MC4R).

According to co-senior study author Bradford Low, the results show “that the artificial activation of this particular brain circuit is pleasurable and can reduce feeding in mice, essentially resulting in the same outcome as dieting but without the chronic feeling of hunger,”

Now. Where did I leave that muffin?

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