Mum's warning after young daughter catches sepsis from trying on new shoes 11 months ago

Mum's warning after young daughter catches sepsis from trying on new shoes

A mum has shared a stark warning after her 4-year-old daughter caught sepsis while trying on new shoes.

Little Sienna and her mum, Jodie, were out shopping earlier this month when they went looking for new shoes.

Since it is still summertime, the little girl was wearing sandals at the time - which was where the problem arose.

Jodie has since urged parents to make sure that they have something to protect their children's feet - as well as their own - when trying on shoes, especially with the back-to-school shopping underway.

She wrote on Facebook:

"For all parents please put socks on you're children while trying new shoes on.

"I'm guilty not doing it for mine and myself, but this can be the outcome infection spreading throughout the body.

"You don't don't know who's feet has been in them before hand!"

She said that Sienna "has had one hell of an outing", but that her recovery was looking good so far.

She finished the post by adding:


"Who would thought trying new shoes on could make someone so ill. So with back to school shopping under way, carry a pair of spare socks!"

According to The Mirror, the little girl began to feel unwell and started crying just one day after her shopping trip - so her mum rushed her to the hospital.

Doctors diagnosed Sienna with sepsis, which they believed she had gotten from bacteria on the shoes that were on the display racks.

While they thought they would need to operate, they were able to treat the infection by draining the pus from her leg and with an anti-biotic drip.

Sienna spent a total of five days in the hospital but as since been allowed to go home, where she is still being monitored.

In a warning to parents doing the back-to-school shopping, Jodie added:

"I knew you risk getting things like athlete's foot from trying on shoes but blood poisoning is far more serious.

"You don't know whose feet have been in the shoes before you.

"I'm so glad I got [Sienna] to the hospital quickly.

"With mums and dads doing back-to-school shopping I would advise them to take a spare pair of socks with them."