Study reveals that sexting actually has no benefit to long distance relationships 3 years ago

Study reveals that sexting actually has no benefit to long distance relationships

Pretty interesting results.

Long distance relationships are hard. There's no denying it.

However, for couples doing long distance in 2019, technology is helping a lot.

Superdrug recently surveyed  people who had been in long-distance relationships with one of three outcomes; The relationship had successfully made it through the long-distance era and the couple reunited, the relationship failed, and the relationship is still currently long-distance.

The findings were interesting.

The data suggested that the people who had reunited in their long-distance relationships had sex with their partners most often on visits but also engaged in phone sex more frequently than those whose relationships ended.

Unfortunately, for those who rely mainly on messaging, sexting did not correlate so closely with success in long-distance romance.

While those who reunited did on average sext more, it was to a very minor degree that they did.



Roughly 1 in 5 respondents reported using Skype or FaceTime to engage in sex with their partner from afar as well.

As we all know, nude photos are a common and controversial part of all dating in the digital world: Facebook recently piloted a program to prevent them from being publicly shared by vindictive exes.

Bravo on that front.

Interestingly, in long-distance relationships where the parties reunited, men tended to send more nudes than women.

While we don’t know if this is indicative of reuniting, it nevertheless was a trend we saw in the couples who did reunite.

Conversely, among those currently doing long distance, women were more likely to send nudes than their male counterparts. Parity in exchanging nude photos won’t guarantee success, however.

Among those whose remote relationships ended unsuccessfully, men and women sent nudes at roughly equal rates.

Would you agree with these findings?