Simon Harris has said that schools could open for one day a week during summer 2 years ago

Simon Harris has said that schools could open for one day a week during summer

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The last few weeks have been a very difficult time for parents, students and teachers a like, with very little certainty on when schools would be able to open again.

All schools and colleges across the country closed last month in a bid to stop the spread of COVID-19, but originally were only intended to close for a couple of weeks.

Now many, especially Leaving Cert students, are concerned for what the continued closure might mean.

Minister for Health Simon Harris has said that a new plan is being considered where schools would open for one day a week during the summer.

This new idea has come about after monitoring countries like Denmark who recently re-opened their schools.

Currently though, this new plan is only for primary schools in Ireland, so those taking the Leaving Cert (which is currently still set to go ahead), will still have to prepare for the exams at home.


Minister Harris has said that he thinks that partial reopening of schools could help with the mental health of young children, but many parents are worried that reopening the schools in any capacity right now could cause the virus to spread further.

According to The Irish Times Minister Harris said;

“The issue of reopening schools is very much an open question.

All issues in relation to easing any restrictions will be considered by the National Public Health Emergency Team (NPHET) and will follow public health advice.”

As things stand the entire country is to remain on lock down until May 5, which many have feared could be extended longer, but with this new plan maybe an end to the lock down is in sight.

No definite decisions regarding schools opening has been reached yet and we will continue to monitor updates closely.