Simon Harris warns Limerick students could be expelled for attending street party 2 years ago

Simon Harris warns Limerick students could be expelled for attending street party

The incident occurred yesterday.

Earlier today it was reported that Gardaí responded to a large house party yesterday taking place in Limerick.

This occurred after Gardaí received reports of a street party which was taking place on Carysfort Avenue, College Court, Castletroy, Co. Limerick yesterday evening Tuesday, March 2.

Three persons were arrested at the scene but there could be further repercussions for those that are found to have attended the large street party.

Minister for Higher Education Simon Harris has spoken out today about what he describes as a slap in the face to frontline workers and an attack on our national effort.

During an interview on Newstalk’s Lunchtime Live show Harris said that he has spoken with the president of the University of Limerick and that students found to have attended the party could be facing expulsion.


The Minister for Education said that while he didn't want to tar all Limerick students with the same brush, when it came to those involved a message must be sent that this behaviour is unacceptable.

He went on to say that students signed a code of conduct when they registered and that there will be seriously repercussions for those found to have broken their contract.

Many Limerick locals also condemned the large street party and Gardaí have commenced an investigation into identifying the organisers of the street party.

Some locals have shared Tweets saying this is far from the only party that has taken place in the area and they are glad something is finally being done.

Two men in their twenties were arrested under the Public Order Legislation and one man also in his twenties was arrested under Misuse of Drugs Legislation.