My terminally ill sister asked me to take her kids in when she dies but I want to remain child-free 9 months ago

My terminally ill sister asked me to take her kids in when she dies but I want to remain child-free

One woman is facing the toughest decision that we can't even wrap our heads around.

She explained that her sister is terminally ill. She is only 31 but was recently diagnosed with a brainstem glioma.

The mum has three children- a newborn, a 2-year-old, and a 6-year-old. She has asked her child-free sister to take them in once she dies.

However, her sister is feeling so unsure about the proposal.

The sister's ex-husband wants nothing to do with the children because the mum cheated on him numerous times, so she has asked her sister instead.

But she wants to remain child-free, which is completely understandable.

She also isn't close to her sister, "I don't even know her kids, let alone her."

"The memories I do have she was always awful to me-like cynical. And After she moved out at 18 we haven’t talked once besides at my parent's funeral.

The sister also shared that she lives in a different country and is atheist, which would prove a problem because her sister wants her children to be raised religiously.


She told her sister she couldn't take the kids, but is she wrong?

"She cried and called me awful but it’s my life, and ultimately I get to be selfish with it. I don’t feel like I owe her anything."

"My sister is a stranger. I haven’t talked to her in over 10 years. I’ve never met her or her kids-and I do not want kids. My husband would leave."

The fathers of her children are unknown so asking for their support isn't an option.

The sister also explained that she has mental health issues, including OCD which is one of the reasons why she never wanted children herself. She explained that they would "prevent me from ever being a good parent".

"My sister doesn’t deserve to die, and her kids don’t deserve their fate, but realistically their un-biological father is the one who needs to step up; not me."

What would you do in this woman's situation?