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10th Jan 2018

Somebody has found an old tweet from Meghan Markle’s days in Dublin

She thinks our city is 'lovely'

Olivia Hayes

Her Twitter is no more.

But that doesn’t mean there are no screenshots of Meghan Markle’s days online.

As we all know, the soon-to-be royal recently deleted her Instagram and Twitter page, much to her fans disappointment.

However, one Twitter user, Wayne Lawler, has found a tweet from 2013, when Meghan was visiting Ireland.

He wrote: “She may have shut down all her social media sites but let’s not forget #MeghanMarkle said Dublin was ‘beyond lovely’ on her visit in 2013.”

What we love however, is that she spent some time in Dicey’s and even Krystal during her time here.

We’re not that much unlike royalty now, right? At least we hang out and get tipsy in the same places…