Spencer Matthews explains why he wants to remarry Vogue Williams 5 months ago

Spencer Matthews explains why he wants to remarry Vogue Williams

"I want us to get married again."

Spencer Matthews has revealed that he wants to get married to his wife Vogue Williams again after admitting that he wasn't happy with their TV wedding.

Speaking on the couple's podcast, the Made In Chelsea star confessed that he is willing to have another wedding to make up for the last.

The couple originally had two ceremonies, the first at Spencer's impressive 10,000 acres worth of a family estate in Scotland and the second being their London wedding for E4.

But when it came to their TV wedding, Spencer admitted that he "couldn't have given a sh*t" about it and referred to it as "a load of bol**x."

Asking Vogue would she be up for a third wedding, Spencer said: "I want to do something for you. Something big. I've been thinking about it for a while.

"I want us to have a wedding party. I want us to get married again."

Vogue was less than impressed by the idea, telling her husband that a third time down the aisle would be "embarrassing".


Spencer added: "What I would like to do is, maybe like 20 or 30 people somewhere in London. And I would love to make a really long, beautiful speech to you in a church.

"I couldn't have given a s**t about that. An E4 wedding for television.

"I'm going to go on record and say that that day was just b***ix. I couldn't care less."

Vogue, as you can only imagine, was not happy with her husband's comments, claiming them to be "disgusting" and noting that she had a "lovely day."

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