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31st Jul 2022

Hollyoaks actress Stephanie Davis has suffered a miscarriage

Kat O'Connor

So heartbreaking.

Hollyoaks actress Stephanie Davis has revealed she suffered a miscarriage.

The heartbroken actress opened up about the devastating loss in an emotional post on her Instagram. Davis has been praised for speaking so openly and honestly about miscarriage and baby loss.

Alongside photos from her pregnancy, the Hollyoaks star said she is completely devastated.

Stephenie explained that she was nearly 12 weeks pregnant when she lost her baby.

“We found out from so so early on it felt like we were pregnant for so long.”

The actress explained that she recently took a break from social media because she had suffered a miscarriage. “We thought we were nearly 12 weeks pregnant. I had sickness from early on and crazy hormones so it felt like a long time with our baby.”

“The anxiety the heartbreak and the sadness we have gone through were horrendous.”


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Stephanie said she and her partner Joe had “planned a life with our family of 4”.

“You think when you get further on like I was that everything would be ok, so it was a big shock.”

“When they told us there was no heartbeat and the baby had stopped growing was just so upsetting.”

Stephanie continued, “I had to have an operation to have our baby removed as was further on.”

“After the operation, I was so numb and empty and my hormones were all over the place. It was hard to accept there was nothing there anymore.”

“One day we will expand our little family when the time is right,” she added.

Anam Cara supports women who have suffered miscarriage and baby loss. You can contact them on 085 2888 888