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30th Nov 2018

Steve Irwin’s son appeared on Jimmy Fallon, and he brought some animals along

Amy Nolan

He’s certainly got his father’s flair.

Following the news that the family of the late animal expert and TV personality, Steve Irwin now have their own show Robert Irwin, Steve’s only son went on Jimmy Fallon to chat about the endeavour.

To continue The Crocodile Hunter legacy their late father created, Robert, his sister Bindi Sue and their mother Terri afford us with an insight into Australia’s Zoo with their new show, Crikey! It’s the Irwins every Sunday at 8pm on Animal Planet.

Robert brought some animal friends along to the interview and there were some golden moments.

First up were adorable baby otters, named Ping and Pong. Robert gave some info on the little animals, saying the vocalisations they were making on set are a method of communication. He told Jimmy that the Asian small-clawed otters are the smallest otters in the world and also have the finest fur. A very funny moment occurred when the persistent little otter kept trying to nick Robert’s mic.

Next up were African crested porcupines, of whom the talk show host was very wary of! Robert said that their spikes are used as a defence mechanism and as the animal was close to Jimmy’s crotch area he joked,

“I’m happy that I had kids when I could.”

That could have been a very awkward TV moment!

An aardvark also made an appearance on the show as well as a young Debra the zebra, which Jimmy joked was “for sale at FAO Schwarz”.

Somehow, after watching the video we don’t think Jimmy will be quitting the day job anytime soon to go work in the Austrailian Zoo… probably best for all involved!