Taoiseach rejects claims 10% of families used food banks in 2022 7 months ago

Taoiseach rejects claims 10% of families used food banks in 2022

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has rejected claims that 10% of families use food banks in Ireland.

Earlier this month, Barnardos and Aldi confirmed that the number of families using food banks had increased rapidly during 2022.

The main reason for this is the current cost of living crisis putting financial strain on families.

Many have had no choice but to seek help and support from food banks, but Taoiseach Leo Varadkar claims the figures are not correct.

He told Newstalk;

“I did see that survey – we’ll certainly take it into consideration."

“I would wonder about the scientific basis of that survey. One-in-ten families using food banks would be over 200,000 families using food banks – I’m not sure that is correct.

“When I read the survey, I saw that most people who were asked to participate in the survey didn’t respond, so I’m not sure if that figure is correct.”


He did acknowledge the increase in families relying on food banks to feed their children, despite his doubts about the figures.

Varadkar added;

“Nobody doubts that there has been an increase in the number of families struggling to make ends meet”.

Last week, Suzanne Connolly, CEO of Barnardos said: “We see far too many families, often one-parent families, really worried about being able to provide their children with enough food.

"Parents tell us that they are often going without food themselves in order to provide food for their children.

"They're also having to rely on others to get the food for them. Their hunger, or that of their child, is a constant and physical reminder of the financial pressure and of the hard decisions they have to make every day.

"This is taking an emotional and physical toll on parents across the country."

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