You should never say no to a teenager, claims Davina McCall 1 year ago

You should never say no to a teenager, claims Davina McCall

Davina McCall has shared some controversial parenting advice.

The mum's friend told her to "never say no to a teenager" and as mad as it sounds, it is helping

“A bit of parenting advice that my friend Katie gave me is so amazing it blew my mind. She told me - wait for this - never say no to a teenager," she revealed to The Sun.

The Masked Singer judge explained that teenagers deserve to be heard. She said it is important to listen to them instead of being strict.

"I thought you got stricter with teenagers because they're more hassle," she confessed.

"Say my daughters are about to go out and they look amazing, but they're wearing next to nothing. I'll go, “Oh my god, are you going not wear a coat?”

"They’ll reply, 'Mum, we’re fine.'"

“I won’t say, “You’re not going out dressed like that,” I’ll just tell them I’m worried they’ll be cold. Then I think, ‘I remember going out wearing very little in Baltic weather’."

Davina McCall


"Nobody wears any clothes these days. Everybody's in shorter skirts and crop tops with their boobs out," the mum said.

"I remember doing that myself; walking the streets of London on my own at three o'clock in the morning wearing next to nothing.

"But sometimes I need my kids to remind me of that.

The presenter said it has stopped arguments from breaking out because they feel like she's listening to them.

“Having these discussions with my kids has meant that we've never had slamming doors. I also feel like I'm getting to know them better, and they understand me better.

She said this rule has helped because it has encouraged them to talk more.

Would you be willing to try this with your teenagers?