Orphaned daughter of Texas shooting victim speaks out 8 months ago

Orphaned daughter of Texas shooting victim speaks out

"Your heart could not take it."

The daughter of a teacher who was killed in the Texas school shooting has spoken out.

Just days after her mother's death, Irma Garcia's daughter also lost her father. It is believed he died from a heart attack, with doctors saying the grief-stricken husband passed away from a broken heart.

Family members said Joe simply couldn't live without Irma. They also said the grief was too much for him to handle.

Joe Garcia was married to teacher Irma for 24 years but they were set to mark 25 years of marriage this year.

Speaking about the harrowing loss of both her parents, Lyliana vowed to honour both her mum and dad.

She said their names will never be forgotten.

She also said she understands her father's heart couldn't handle the loss of his beloved wife.

A memorial has been set up for the victims, including Joe.


Crosses with the names of the deceased have been placed outside Uvalde County Court.

The local community has been paying their respects at the memorial. Meghan Markle, President Joe Biden, and Matthew McConaughey have also paid their respects.

Lyliana penned a moving message to her parents at the memorial.

She wrote, "Dad, I know this was too much for you. Your heart could not take it."

"I will spend the rest of my life fighting for you and mum. Your names will not be forgotten. Your daughter, Lyliana."

Both Joe and Irma will be laid to rest on Wednesday, June 1st.

They are survived by their four children- sons Cristian (23) Jose (19) and daughters Lyliana (15) and Alysandra (13).

Before his passing, their father visited the memorial site. He sobbed as he laid down a bunch of flowers in honour of his wife.

Joe and Irma were high school sweethearts.