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27th Oct 2018

The one thing that went wrong on Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding day

Keeley Ryan

“That kind of ruined the whole thing!”

Almost six months after they tied the knot, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have revealed a new detail about their wedding day: the one thing that went wrong.

The pair spoke about their wedding outfits as part of the new exhibit at Windsor Castle, A Royal Wedding: The Duke and Duchess of Sussex. 

Meghan began by explaining that they have a “very small garden” and had been planting things for the fall.

She continued [via Vanity Fair]:

“What was really special, I think, was that the morning of the wedding Harry went in and he picked some flowers to go into my bouquet, which was really beautiful and something that makes it sentimental and really meaningful.”

However, the weather in the weeks leading up to the wedding led things to go not quite as planned.

Harry added:

“We didn’t have as many flowers in our little garden as we had hoped for because I think it snowed at Easter! That kind of ruined the whole thing!”

Meghan’s bouquet was still incredible, though.

Following the wedding, Kensington Palace confirmed that it contained Harry’s handpicked wildflowers, as well as florist Philippa Craddock’s spring blossoms that included Forget-Me-Nots, scented sweet peas, lily of the valley, astilbe, jasmine and astrantia, and sprigs of myrtle.