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04th Jun 2015

This celebrity pregnancy announcement is all kinds of brilliant!

Sophie White

We love a good Twitter pregnancy announcement.

And Emmerdale stars, Charley Webb and Matthew Wolfenden who play Debbie Dingle and David Metcalfe on the show, did not disappoint with the announcement of their second arrival. Their first child, 5-year-old Buster played a central role in the announcement:

We’ve all seen the old “only child expiring on the chalkboard” thing before at this stage, but the real gold came after with a follow-up tweet from Matthew sharing another thrilling event:

Laying flooring AND the missus, what a guy. With so much going on he must have an incredible system for personal admin. And it turns out he does which he genrously shared to his followers:

Then things got a tad confusing for Matthew after congrats came flooding in from his 250,000 followers: