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20th Jun 2024

Social Welfare: Thousands of people entitled to up to €237 weekly boost in addition to their wages

Sophie Collins

Social Welfare

Thousand of people in Ireland could be missing out on a social welfare weekly payment that many are entitled to in addition to their wages

The social welfare scheme is called the Partial Capacity Benefit that allows people to return to work or self-employment if they have a reduced capacity.

It allows for those who return to work to continue getting a payment from the Department of Social Protection.

The payment is up to €237 a week and can reassure those returning to work on a reduced capacity after receiving Illness Benefit or Invalidity Pension.

Who Can Claim?

To qualify for Partial Capacity Benefit, you need to be currently getting either:

  • Illness Benefit (for a minimum of 6 months), or
  • Invalidity Pension

You should have written proof from a medical professional of your medical result before heading back to work.

If you’re returning to work you should also make sure that you are fit to return on the advice of a doctor.

Under this scheme, you can work any amount of hours and there are no caps on the amount you can earn.

This boost is also available to those who are self-employed.

However, you can’t get Partial Capacity Benefit and Working Family Payment at the same time. 

If you are in receipt of the Carer’s Benefit, you can still receive the Partial Capacity Benefit but you will get half of the rate of your Carer’s allowance.

How long does the payment last?

According to Citizen’s Information: “If you are coming from Invalidity Pension, your Partial Capacity Benefit (PCB) will continue for up to 3 years (156 weeks), or until you turn 66. 

“You can apply for PCB again at the end of the 3 years. You will be reassessed to find out if you qualify.

“If you are coming from Illness Benefit, your PCB payment will continue to the end of your entitlement to Illness Benefit.”

How much do I get?

The rate of payment is based on an assessment of your restriction on capacity for work.

So, based on whether you were in receipt of Illness Benefit or Invalidity Pension and your current rate of payment.

Partial Capacity Benefit will be paid directly into your Irish bank or building society account if you are deemed eligible.

How to Apply

Simply fill in a Partial Capacity Benefit application form (pdf) online or 

The Partial Capacity Benefit Section can post you an application form.

A Medical Assessor will confirm the restriction on your capacity for work. 

This may require you to attend a medical assessment during which, you should include all appropriate medical evidence with your application.

You must apply for Partial Capacity Benefit within the 21 days prior to your start. 

Your application won’t be accepted if you start work more than 21 days before you apply.